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Smart Blades Time Line

1920 First razor blades are being manufactured in Vienna, Austria
1932Dr. Lumbe owner of Smart Cigarettes incorporates Smart Razorblades
1940Zoltan Szabo immigrates to Switzerland as political refuge from Hungary
1959Zoltan Szabo invents Hairwiz which over the next 25 years becomes a retail marvel as one of the most sold beauty items in history
1964Due to incredible Market Success of the Hairwiz Zoltan Szabo acquires the factory in full
1969To facilitate the exponential growth a brand new manufacturing facility is built in Sedrun Switzerland. Watch the commercial here
1972The industrial Division opens its doors and markets a very high quality utility, razor, scraper and specialty blades for trade and industry. Besides the own brands OEM brands like Dynac in France, Roberts Smoothedge in the UK (later Roberts Consolidated), Bonum Germany, Roehls Netherlands are being exceedingly successful
1978The only son Stephan L. Szabo is very ambitious and invents a series of plastic dispensers that become market standard and the German Blade Manufacturers follow suit their offering
1981The Happy Harry Hair Trimmer is an evolution of the Hair Wiz and continues its success with mass merchandising through TV and TV consoles at Shopping Malls across America, Japan and Europe
1985Stephan L Szabo invents the Exacut Knife which becomes another retail bonanza which is marketed through Henkel Germany
1991The family sells off Exacut and Happy Harry to a private group of Investors
2002As the factory in Switzerland is being closed a new factory in South Korea is being developed under a joint venture. To date Smart Blades continues to provide 30 different industries around the world with high quality and competitive priced Utility-, Razor-, Scraper- and various Machine Blades around the world.
2005A complete line of Industrial Scissors is being introduced in the US market
2006New products like the Dolphin Knife, Scrapers and various Installation Tools are being launched
2007Client demand leads to making a competitive priced No 9 & No 12 Single Edge Razor Blade
2008US Operations outgrows its capacity and moves into a new and bigger location
2011Due to major market shifts during the Economic Downturn of 2007-2011 the company gains substantial market share and is forced to expand its operations facility in Suwanee GA